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Bladder Cancer Treatment in Delhi, NCR

Bladder Cancer is mainly found in an Elderly person with various symptoms like blood in urine and these symptoms are now managed with advancement in surgical techniques. Its early detection and taking the action is necessary for the faster recovery of the patient.

Bladder cancer is commonly found in elderly person (Average age is 79 yrs). Most common causes of this cancer are smoking, environmental and industrial toxins eg. Leather industry, chemical industry etc. Most of the patients are present with blood in urine, therefore any event of blood in urine is taken seriously and full investigation should be done. Like others cancer, bladder cancer treatment also depends on the stages of cancer. Most of these cancers can be managed endoscopically ( TURBT) without any incision over the body, while in some cases i.e. in muslce invasive cancers, radical cystectomy and urinary diversion is required which includes surgical removal of urinary bladder with prostate in male and anterior part of vagina in female and then urinary diversion. Urinary diversion is of two types. One is ileal conduit, in which a small part of gut is used to divert the urine out of abdominal wall into a pouch, which is emptied regularly. While in second type of urinary, diversion part of gut is used to make a new bladder, which is then connected to urethra and patient passes urine through normal passage. Early detection and diagnosis helps to minimize the extent of surgery and faster recovery.