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Doctor Profile Details

Dr. Madhu Garg
MD (Peds), MBBS
Dr. Madhu Garg

Sr. Consultant - Pediatrics & Neonatology

Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty Faridabad

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Education & Training

MD (Peds) - 1978, SJH, Delhi University.
MBBS - 1973, MAMC, Delhi University.
More than 35 years of clinical experience. 
Working experience of 25 years in Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi 

Work Experience

She has worked as a Professor at SGT Medical College, Hospital & Research Institute, Budhera, Gurgaon and (GGSIPU), VMMC & SJH

Worked in SJ Hospital as Consultant (SAG)

She has worked in Safdarjung Hospital and Delhi Admn as Specialist – CHS

She was a Medical Officer at CHS New Delhi, and senior Resident at KSCH, New Delhi



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