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Doctor Profile Details

Dr. Sudip Raina
MS, FAIS, Post Doctoral Fellow (Surgical Oncology) Tata Memorial Hospital
Dr. Sudip Raina - Surgical Oncologist
Breast surgery, cranio facial resections, head and neck surgery, oesophageal and pulmonary surgery, malignant gastrointestinal, genitourinary and gynaecological cancers

Visiting Consultant - Surgical Oncology

Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty Faridabad

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Education & Training

MS (General Surgery) from SMS Medical College, Jaipur, India (1997) 

MBBS - MS Medical College, Jaipur, India (1992) 
Fellowships and Trainings 
Fellowship in surgical oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India (2003-2005) 
Onco Surgical Fellow of the Ethicon Institute of Surgical Education (EISE), Mumbai, India (2005) 
Fellow to Association of Surgeons of India-FAIS (1999)

Work Experience

 Dr. Sudip Raina has 15 years of experience in cancer surgery; he is one of the established medical professionals in the field of surgical oncology.  With the help of the most advanced technology he has been able to perform major surgical resections with the highest success rate. He has extensive expertise in breast cancer surgery, head and neck surgery, gastrointestinal and gynaecological cancer surgery. He has also been associated with various premier medical research institutes across the country.


Currently he is associated with Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty as visiting surgical oncologist.



Gold Medalist - MS, Rajasthan University

Gold Medalist - MBBS, Rajasthan University 


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