Best Kidney Cancer Treatment in Delhi, NCR
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Kidney Cancer Treatment in Delhi, NCR

Kidney Cancer is being detected in around 50% ofthepopulation. Earlier it is treated with different techniques and with the advancement, now it can be treated by removing only tumour part which is helpful in minimizing the risk of​ ​kidney failure and earlier recovery of the patient.

Kidney cancer is seen in around 2-3 % of general population. About 50% of kidney cancers are detected incidentally while investigating other diseases. Rest of the cases are usually present with blood in urine, pain abdomen, palpable lump in abdomen, hypertension, low haemoglobin level and weight loss. Traditionally, most of the kidney cancers were treated with radical nephrectomy i.e. the complete removal of kidney with lymph nodes via open method comprising of large flank incision of 15 to 20 cms. With the recent advancement of surgical techniques, Now it is possible to do surgery laparoscopically i.e. key hole surgery. These minimally invasive surgeries help in faster post-operative recovery, less pain, cosmetically better scar, minimal wound infection and other related complication. With more advancement in technology, it is now possible to remove only tumor part of kidney and preserve the rest of kidney i.e. nephron sparing surgery or partial nephrectomy. Treatment with the partial nephrectomy helps to minimize the risk of development of kidney failure and thus need for dialysis after surgery. The most important part of kidney cancer treatment is its early detection and management at a specialized uro-oncological centre.