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Minimally Invasive Surgeon in Delhi, NCR

Our surgical department is led by recognized minimally invasive surgeons who have expertise in performing procedures through tiny insertions rather than long cuts. With the advancement of technology, many procedures which were earlier performed via open surgeries are done with minimally invasive surgeries. There are numerous benefits of minimally invasive surgeries like less pain, small scars, shorter hospital stay, fewer chances of bleeding and infections and quick recovery. Variety of terms used to describe minimally invasive surgeries, such as keyhole, laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

These surgeries are performed using special equipment to minimize the damage. A minimally invasive surgeon will make numerous small incisions and inserts thin tubes called as trocars. A laparoscope is then placed through one of the thin tubes so that surgeon can view the image on the video monitors, then through another trocar instrument is placed to remove or repair the diseased organ.

There are three types of minimally invasive procedures:

Endoscopy: Endoscope is used to perform the procedure, endoscope moves through the body's natural openings, without any cuts in the body.

Laparoscopy: Surgeons make small incisions/cuts to insert the special tools into the body to perform the procedure.

Robotic surgery: Minimally invasive surgeon makes several cuts (less than 1 inch) to guide the endoscope and robotic tools into the body. The surgeon controls the surgery while sitting at a nearby computer console.

Nowadays many special cases can now be performed using a minimally invasive approach including cases in brain & spine surgery, joint and knee replacement, ENT surgeries, vascular surgeries, gynecology surgeries etc. Many common procedures that once required traditional surgeries with long hospital stays can now be completed in only 24-hour stay. At Metro Hospital Faridabad, we have an emergency laparoscopy services with the availability of state of the art facilities and round the clock