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Nephrologist Delhi NCR

The team of Nephrologists at Metro Hospital, Faridabad can be considered as one of the best Nephrologists of Delhi NCR considering their skill and experience in the field. Our Nephrologists have got their training at the premiere international centres and have years of experience of working in world class facilities. They are equipped with cutting age technologies in Nephrology Department of Metro Hospital, Faridabad. Our Nephrologists provide consultation, diagnostic and treatment services for the patients suffering from renal disorders. Patients are treated for varied kidney and related diseases that include earliest detectable changes in kidney function through end-stage kidney disease. Patients with other medical conditions like high blood pressure, cystic diseases and metabolic disorders along with related kidney disorders are also taken care of by our expert Nephrologists.   The array of services provided at the nephrology department of Metro Hospital, Faridabad are:  
  • Hemodialysis Unit - Our team of Nephrologists treats patients with chronic kidney diseases and even end stage renal diseases with best possible treatments available. Hundreds of hemodialysis procedures are done by the nephrology department of Metro Hospital in a month to treat patients of all age groups including children. At our hemodialysis unit we have separate facilities for HBV and HCV positive patients.
  • Hypertension & Hypertensive Kidney Diseases – Apart from diabetes, for majority of patients, their kidney problem is due to the underlying cause hypertension. Elevated level of blood pressure takes its toll on the heart and kidney of these patients. Our team of cardiologists and Nephrologists treat these patients by early diagnosis and managing the root cause and thereby preventing serious damage to their health.
  • Acute Kidney Injury & Critical Care Nephrology – Nephrologists in collaboration with our critical care team provide timely and effective solution for the patients with acute renal failure in critically ill patients. With the help of sophisticated procures like SLEDD and CRRT they treat patients who need immediate renal replacement therapy.
  • Paediatric Nephrology – The nephrology department at Metro Hospital, Faridabad provide treatment for acute renal dysfunction, congenital renal disease & hemodialysis in children and also ensure optimal growth of children with kidney diseases.
  • Kidney Transplantation – Our expert team of nephrologists and urologists have performed numerous kidney transplants with 100% success rate so far. They are well trained & highly experienced to handle all complications that may arise like rejection or identify opportunistic infection. Excellent pre & post-operative care is provided that makes it very comfortable to go through this process.