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 A Salute to Mother & Child Unit, Metro Hospital

A Salute to Mother & Child Unit, Metro Hospital

 A Salute to Mother & Child Unit, Metro Hospital once again by setting a new milestone by saving a baby boy of Mrs. Abhilasha who was born at 6½ months of pregnancy (27 weeks) with weight 650 gm.

In medical fraternity, it is still believed that pre-mature babies are genetically inferior weak and fragile, whose fate is unknown. In this case, it seems to be different.

In this case emergency caesarean section was done at 27 weeks of pregnancy due to absent fluid around baby and deranged blood flow. Timely decision for delivery with informed consent and prognosticating the parents was taken by experienced obstetricians of the Hospital.Baby was safely delivered. Baby immediately shifted to Neonatal ICU under Dr. Prabhat Bajpai & his neonatology team.

A medicine called surfactant was given through breathing tube for maturity of lungs. After 3-4 days, as baby’s lungs improved, baby was taken out of ventilator. During the stay baby developed many complication related to severe prematurity which were managed accordingly. Standard checkup were followed like : ROP Screening, Brain USG, Neuro developmental assessment and babyimproved. Now this baby is on Katori spoon feeds &doing well, active and fit condition to discharge.

By God’ grace, sincere efforts of Mother & Child Unit Metro Hospital and parents will to save the baby helped the baby to pull through this difficult time.