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Book Release of Dr. S.S. Bansal by Hon’ble Governor of Haryana

Book Release of Dr. S.S. Bansal by Hon’ble Governor of Haryana

 Hon’ble Governor of Haryana, Shri Kaptan Singh Solanki released the book “All you need to know about Heart” written by Dr. S.S Bansal in a book release ceremony held at Raj Bhawan, Chandigarh on June 1. Cabinet Minister, Shri Vipul Goyal was the special guest at the ceremony.


After releasing the book, Shri Kaptan Singh Solanki appreciated Dr. Bansal and his efforts towards making healthcare available within the reach of poor man.  He said that awareness about prevention is very essential to reduce disease burden on society. He added that leading life in simple way with simple food habits are best way to avoid diseases.


Cabinet Minister Sh. Vipul Goyal said, I am sure if people will follow what is written in the book, we will be able to create awareness among the common man.” He said I know Dr. Bansal for almost 20 years and he is not only a good cardiologist but a great human being also. He added that I have seen him helping patients so many times and treating them wholeheartedly.


Other dignitaries presented at the book release ceremony were Principal Secretary, Shri. Rajesh Khullar ji, Shri K.K Jalan ji, Dr. Rakesh Gupta Ji, Madam Vini ji, Shri Dinkar Ji, Shri Anand Mohan Sharan Ji, Shri Sudhir Rajpal ji, Shri Prabodh Saxena Ji, Shri. Sameer Pal Srow ji, Amit ji, Rakesh Ji, Vikas Gupta ji, Pankaj Aggarwal Ji, Great National Poet, Shri. Dinesh Raghuvanshi (Hindi Poet) and Director Haryana Sahitya Academy, Mrs. Kumud Bansal Ji.


Dr. S.S. Bansal, Managing Director of Metro Hospital, Faridabad is a renowned interventional cardiologist in India. He possesses expertise in performing various complicated heart procedures.


The book “All you need to know about Heart” is written by Dr. S.S. Bansal for a common man understanding. He has made an effort to touch every aspect of heart-related diseases like symptoms, treatment options, and dietary recommendations. The book also explains how one can lead a normal life after suffering from a heart disease. This book will help in creating awareness about heart related diseases and its prevention. In his address Dr Bansal said more than 2.5 million heart patients die every year in India which is so unfortunate. He said that many patients came to me asking about the prevention tips for heart disease, and from there I thought of writing a book to spread awareness about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of problem related to heart along with preventive aspect of the disease. 


He said by writing this book we must disseminate information amongst commoners to identify their risk factor and by little modification in life style and controlling risk factor like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, no smoking and use of statins, 80% risk of heart disease can be prevented. He said if America can bring down heart disease so can Indians.


Mrs. Sharda Mittal’s latest collection of Dohas ‘Manava Bhayo Fakir” was also released at the same occasion by Hon’ble Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki Ji. Mrs. Sharda Mittal is an established Hindi poetry writer. She writes poems on social issues related to women and human relations. Her book includes 389 dohas which depict different phases of life.


Shri Rakesh Khullar appreciated the efforts of Dr Bansal for releasing this information for all.


Shri Rakesh Arya Ji proposed the vote of thanks to all the dignitaries for their valuable time and support.