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Three fingers of the right hand of a factory worker were re-implanted by a team of doctors at Metro Hospital, Faridabad. 24 year old patient was working on a machine at the factory when suddenly his right hand got caught in it and three of his fingers got severed.  "Without losing any more time he was shifted to the operation theatre. Dr. Kaveshwar Ghura, Sr. Consultant, Plastic Surgery along with Dr. Garima Jain, anesthetists, took 10 hours to re-implant his fingers.

Post-operation, the patient remained admitted in the hospital for 5 days where the dressing of his hand was done at regular intervals. For one month patient hand will be in slab-support. After one month his physiotherapy will start and hopefully he will be able to move his fingers. 
Dr. kaveshwar said, “this procedures is possible only by micro surgery, we have state-of-the-art microscope by using its magnification the micro arteries, veins, nerves and tendons are re-attached.” Microsurgeries are regularly performed in our hospital; we are among few centers in Delhi/NCR where such high end surgeries are done. 
He further said, “The key to right treatment of such type of injuries, especially hand injuries sustained in industrial accidents, is the time taken from getting injured to the hospital and it is now widely advisable that all hand injuries should be reconstructed if possible.  

What precautions should be taken if somebody’s fingers or any other part gets amputated?
Wash the amputated part with water, wrap it in a gauge or clean piece of cloth & put it in a container filled with normal saline and then put this container in ice box. Proximal part (from where the part got amputated), the bleeding should be stopped by pressure bandage and in no circumstance bleeding vessels should be stitched/ligated. Try to reach the hospital as soon as possible. 
Dr. S.S Bansal, Sr. Interventional Cardiologist & Managing Director of the hospital congratulated Dr. Kaveshwar, Sr. Consultant (Plastic Surgery) and team for taking up this challenge.  He said that such high end procedures are possible due to availability of world class equipments (Karl Zeiss Microscope), cutting edge technologies, Zero infection rate in our modular OTs & a dedicated team.