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Indian and Japanese Doctors together performed a difficult case with great ease.

Indian and Japanese Doctors together performed a difficult case with great ease.

Recently a patient Mr. Amar (name changed) 62 years male, was bought to Metro Hospital Faridabad with a chest pain, backache & breathing difficulty. His preliminary examination revealed acute coronary syndrome with positive cardiac markers. After he was stabilized, he was taken for coronary angiography and it showed critical double vessel disease. His culprit right coronary artery was opened by putting a drug coated stent. Left anterior descending artery was blocked and the block was long standing, very hard & calcified. It was a challenging case said Dr. Bansal, M.D & Sr. Interventional Cardiologist.

Dr. Bansal along with Dr. Masahiko Ochiai from Japan did this difficult case by using latest Japanese technique Asahi Sasuka which is double lumen micro-catheter. Dr. Ochiai is professor in Showa University, Northern Yokohama Hospital, Tsuzuki Japan. He is a pioneer in treating chronic total occlusions of coronary blocks & has mastered new technique of doing these most difficult heart blocks.

Dr. S.S Bansal is amongst very few Indian cardiologists who are doing CTO and saving many patients of CTO from bypass surgery. They also did few more cases together & opened complicated blocks. Dr. Bansal said that it is fortunate to have Dr. Ochiai with us here & it was a great learning experience for entire cardiac team. Dr. Neeraj Jain added that Japan is a world leader in Cardiac innovation & it is great to perform and use new methods for angioplasty.

Dr. Ochiai said that he is pleasantly surprised to see range of complicated heart procedures being performed at Metro hospital Faridabad and kind of work Dr. Bansal & his team is doing surprises me. They are at par with best international hospital worldwide in terms of technology & material. He congratulated Dr. Bansal & Dr. Neeraj for this immense quality work.