Metro Hospital, Faridabad - Kidney Tumor extending upto the Heart Treated Successfully at Metro Hospital Faridabad
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Kidney Tumor extending upto the Heart Treated Successfully at Metro Hospital Faridabad


Forty nine year old Iraqi presented to Metro Hospital, Faridabad for the treatment of right kidney tumor which was extending through the large body veins (Inferior Vena Cava) up to right side of heart. This disease was diagnosed in Iraq while investigating him for pain and swelling in the abdomen along with weakness. He was denied of treatment there in Iraq because of lack of appropriate expertise. 

He was investigated in details by Dr. Rajiv Kumar Sethia, Sr. Consultant and unit head in department of Urology and Kidney Transplant, Metro Hospital, Faridabad and Diagnosis was reconfirmed. Dr Rajiv said that such types of kidney tumor are quite uncommon. Usually complete kidney removal along with tumor thrombus is the mainstay of treatment with good prognosis. But in this case, as kidney tumor with tumor thrombus was extending up to the right side of heart, it is usually quite difficult to retrieve tumor thrombus from heart. So cardiac Surgeon Dr. Sudeep Singh Sidhu and his team was consulted for the needful. A six hours long surgery was performed to remove the right kidney along with tumor thrombus by Dr. Rajiv Kumar Sethia, Dr. Sudeep Singh Sidhu and his team along with liver Surgeon Dr. Shailender Lalwani. Postop patient recovered very well. 

Dr. Rajiv Kumar Sethia told that this type of kidney tumor extension through inferior vena cava up to the heart is known as level- IV tumor thrombus extension. He also told that such types of tumor are usually removed at most of the centers after taking the patient on cardiopulmonary bypass machine while in this case veno-venous bypass was established instead of cardiopulmonary bypass by cardiac Surgeon Dr Sidhu and his team which has avoided the side effects of CPB. 

Dr S.S Sidhu said that veno-venous bypass results in faster recovery and also avoids the long list of side effects of cardiopulmonary bypass like excessive bleeding etc. 

Dr S.S Bansal, Managing Director of the hospital congratulated Dr. Rajiv and Dr. Sidhu, for this complex procedure and said that it is a matter of pride for Metro Hospital Faridabad that such complex tumor surgeries are being performed with excellent results.

Metro hospital, Faridabad is a leading tertiary level of Hospital in Delhi-NCR for management of such types of complex Urological cancers.