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Metro Hospital Faridabad Celebrates Infection Control & Quality Awareness Week

Metro Hospital Faridabad Celebrates Infection Control & Quality Awareness Week

Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty, Faridabad celebrated 4th Infection Control & Quality Awareness Week, from February, 19th to 23rd 2018. The theme for the same was “infection control & patient quality & safety improvement program awareness – It’s a team thing”. The aim of this awareness week is to educate the medical and paramedical staff about various policies that hospital is practicing to control the hospital acquired infections, to improve the quality of patient care, to create awareness and knowledge of the role of the infection control team and their efforts to promote hand hygiene to decrease the infection rate in hospital. 

HAI (Hospital acquired infections) are a major concern in healthcare today. With the increasing antibiotic resistance amongst bacteria and rise of MRSA (super bugs), it has become very important to have a robust and active hospital infection control systems which monitors the control of such infections, said Dr. Seema Bansal, Director of the hospital. She added that kind of extensive work infection control team is doing is commendable. 

Dr. Vijay Agarwal, Head Critical Care & Infection Control Department told us about various practices and guidelines to reduce infections in hospital, as well as in the community, "hospital infections are known to increase morbidity amongst patients, thus putting a burden on the patients as well as on the hospital. We have a very active infection control team, which take proper measures to control the infection rate in our hospital.

Dr. Seema Mohindra (Medical Superintendent & Quality Head ) said hat infection rate & trends of Metro Hospital, Faridabad are one of the best in Delhi/NCR and we are proud to share that it is much lower as compared to national & international benchmark.. 

Dr. Meenu Pujani, Dr. Juhi Taneja, Mrs. Surekha Mishri , Mrs. Leela Devi Nair, Mr. Prakash Chand Sharma , Dr. Leena Ralhan, Mr. Deepak Sharma, Mr. Arun P Joseph, Mr. Sijo Peter, Mr Sony Kurvila  were amongst the trainers who gave extensive training to all hospital staff & invited candidate.   

The week long celebrations included several programs like quiz competition, mock room where practical competition for fire & safety, catheterization, bio–medical waste management, HAZMAT (hazardous material management), BLS etc, Painting competition and collage making on the theme MRSA and communication skills. Various participants from other hospitals came to learn our practices and also participated in various activities which was a great gesture. At the end of the week, best participants were awarded. 

Dr. S.S Bansal, Sr. Interventional Cardiologist & Managing Director of Metro Hospital, Faridabad said that “we have a very active infection control team, which manages the hospital infection control. We started organizing such a week since in the 2015 as such concentrated efforts create a lot of awareness not only amongst health care workers, but also amongst the patients and their relatives."