Metro Hospital, Faridabad - Metro Hospital Faridabad creates records for replacing both knees of 96 year old doctor
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Metro Hospital Faridabad creates records for replacing both knees of 96 year old doctor

Dr B P Goswami, 96 year old gentleman resident of Mathura was operated for Bilateral knee replacement in single sitting at Metro Hospital, Faridabad. He started walking within 18 hours of post surgery & was discharged from hospital on 5th day, said Dr. Sujoy Bhatacharjee, Joint replacement surgeon at Metro Hospital, Faridabad.

This is a record in itself & has been submitted for Limca book of records. Earlier records was of a 94 year old SN Bhatt from Chattisgarh India.

Further he stated that Osteoarthritis of knee affects predominantly the senior citizen group. Total knee replacement is a permanent solution to the aged suffering to provide permanent pain relief. The elderly become pain free & the quality of life improves.

Asian knee which is specially custom made for Asian populations gives excellent result, postoperative rehabilitation programme is very much patient friendly and gives excellent range of movements.

Dr. Sujoy Bhatacharjee, Orthopaedic surgeon at Metro Hospital, Faridabad, is a well renowned name in the field of Joint Replacement surgery has done more than hundreds of such knees where patient profile average 78 years old. This kind of complexed surgery at this age is possible due to excellent surgical team, modular OTs & world class critical care backup. Dr. S.S. Bansal Managing Director & Sr. Interventional Cardiologist informed.

Dr. Bansal congratulated Dr. Sujoy for his excellent work & told that he is been doing dedicated work for senior citizen & have concern to improve their quality of life

Dr. S.S. Bansal informed that such operation have been performed earlier also in many domestic & International patients but this gentleman was the oldest patient, so it was a challenge but as his heart, kidney & lungs were found to be good and patient wanted surgery because of inability to walk.

Dr. Neeraj Jain Medical Superintendent told that we are proud of our orthopaedic deptt. We have many orthopaedic surgeons who are doing all type of surgeries & procedure for bones & joints.