Metro Hospital, Faridabad - Metro Hospital Faridabad -Successfully treating 1st Corona Virus
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Metro Hospital Faridabad -Successfully treating 1st Corona Virus

Metro Hospital Faridabad -Successfully treating 1st Corona Virus

Faridabad Administration Congratulates Team of Metro Hospital Doctors and other staff for successfully treating 1st Corona Virus (covid-19) Patient of Faridabad


Faridabad’s first Corona Virus (covid19) infected patient was successfully treated by the team of doctors at Metro Hospital Faridabad. The patient was admitted on March 11, 2020 with complaint of fever, diarrhea, fatigue and weakness; she had a travel history to Spain. 



After evaluating the patient and her symptoms, Metro Hospital Faridabad sent her sample for Corona Virus testing to NCDC (National Centre for Disease Control), where it was tested as positive for COVID-19. Subsequently, the patient was treated with the combination of medicines, namely HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) and Tamiflu. Treatment was given under the supervision of qualified team of doctors under the guidance of Dr. S.S Bansal, Managing Director of the hospital. 


After two weeks of treatment, the patient was again tested and the result came negative for Covid-19, as she responded very well to the medication. After 24 hours, another sample was sent for testing; the result for which came on Friday, 27th March, 2020 and it was the second time the patient was tested negative. This proved beyond doubt that the patient was fully cured of the disease. She was discharged from the hospital on Friday evening in a stable and good condition.  


Her husband, while describing it as his wife's new life, has expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the doctors and staff of the Metro Hospital, especially Dr. S.S Bansal, Managing Director of the hospital for his expertise, tireless efforts, positive attitude and hard work.


Dr. S.S Bansal said “we have followed prescribed standard protocol of isolation and personal protective equipment for her treatment and now she has been tested negative for Corona Virus, which is a major achievement for us".  He told that they have formed a specialized team of competent doctors, nurses and other para medical staff to deal the COVID 2019. 


The entire staff looking after this patient was also tested for Covid-19, and the results came negative. Which reflects that if due precautions are taken; it is safe for doctors and other staff to treat Covid-19 patient without any fear.


Dr. S.S Bansal also highlighted that "our first priority was to successfully treat the patient and to prevent the virus from spreading. On this success he also said “I am feeling very proud to say that the results have been very encouraging, and we look forward to continue our support for serving the society at large.”