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Metro Hospital Introduces State Of The Art Neuroelectophysiology Unit

Metro Hospital Introduces State Of The Art Neuroelectophysiology Unit

Metro hospital Faridabad has introduced advanced Neuroelectophysiology Unit. This unit was inaugurated by Dr. Neeraj Jain (Medical Director & Sr. interventional Cardiologist), Dr. Sushma Sharma (Sr. Consultant & HOD Neurology) and Dr. Panduranga M.S (Consultant Neurology).


Dr. Neeraj Jain said that we are always in the lead to equip the hospital with advanced and latest technological systems for extending better medical care to our patients. We have the best and the most experienced team of doctors in Neurosciences who put in their endless efforts to provide primary, secondary & tertiary care to the patients.”


Our neuroelectrophysiology unit is equipped with state of the art equipment’s like Video EEG with long term monitoring (video telemetry facility), EMG, NCV, Evoked potentials which play an important role in diagnosis and treatment of various diseases like epilepsy, neuropathy, muscle disease, demyelinating disorders etc.  


Dr. Sushma Sharma, Sr. Consultant & HOD, Neurology Department said judicious use of international standard technology in expert hands helps in picking up stubble features of disease early, leading to early and precise diagnosis and thus aiding in better treatment of neurological diseases including various types of epilepsy, neuromuscular diseases, encephalopathies (confusional state), neurological problems in ICU patients, brain inflammations etc. The triad of sophisticated equipments, skilled technologists and expert neurologists makes our neuroelectrophysiology unit among the best in class. We always endeavor to provide the best international standard care to people of our region at affordable costs. Some of the procedures done in our unit are:


EEG – it is a non-invasive procedure used to detect and record electrical activity of the brain. It is used in the diagnosing brain disorders like epilepsy, brain tumor and confusional state. Long term bedside EEG monitoring is extremely useful to pick up cause of confusional states in many sick patients.


NCV - A nerve conduction velocity (NCV or nerve conduction study (NCS) helps in the diagnosis of nerve damage, it works by measuring how fast an electrical impulse moves through your nerves.


EMG - An EMG test records the electrical signals moving through your muscles. This helps detect the presence, location, and extent of any disease that may damage the nerves and muscle


Video telemetry – It is extremely useful in the diagnosis, classification and planning of treatment for various types of seizures. 


Apart from the above, the Department of Neurology is also equipped 500 slice equivalent CT scanner, MRI Machine and 3D Cath Lab which is extremely useful in the monitoring and treatment of patients with various neurological disorders.