Metro Hospital, Faridabad - New line of treatment for patients requiring open heart surgery opens at Faridabad based Metro Heart Institute
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New line of treatment for patients requiring open heart surgery opens at Faridabad based Metro Heart Institute

New line of treatment for patients requiring open heart surgery opens at Faridabad based Metro Heart Institute

Heart patients with stubborn artery blockages can now avoid bypass surgery thanks to a technique brought by international experts at Faridabad based Metro Heart Institute.

Dr.S.S.Bansal , Sr. Interventional cardiologist and Managing Director at Metro Heart Institute announced that "With the support of world famous Japanese cardiologist Dr.Yasushi Asakuri, the Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) program employs a leading-edge procedure to clear heart arteries via 'back-door' angioplasty."

"During a conventional angioplasty procedure, a thin wire is inserted into the groin (femoral artery) or wrist (radial artery) and threaded through the circulatory system to the blockage near the heart, where a balloon may be inflated to clear the vessel. Afterwards, a stent -- a tiny wire mesh tube -- can be inserted and left at the site to keep the artery open, improving blood flow." Dr Bansal explained

"Unlike conventional angioplasty, the retrograde CTO method threads a wire along a different route, often through tinier blood vessels, which lets doctors approach the back side of the arterial obstruction, opposite to the side facing blood flow" he said.

A lot of patients who would otherwise have to go for open-heart surgery to have their blood flow restored can now be helped with just a catheter through an artery," says interventional cardiologist Dr. Bansal. "With open-heart surgery, they're in hospital at least five to seven days and left with a chest wound that may take months to recover from."

:According to medical data at Metro Heart Institute at Faridabad, 3 in 10 patients with coronary artery disease suffer from chronic total occlusion. Chronic total occlusion is a condition when the artery is 100% blocked and remains so for at least 3 month span. 60% of patients with CTO remain untreatable because they are considered ineligible for open heart bypass surgery because of age and risks associated with open heart bypass surgery. With this new line of treatment now active in our institute we actually can make many heart patients with chronic total occlusion live longer, live better, less symptomatic and enjoy their life better." He added Dr. S.S.Bansal , Managing Director at Metro Heart Institute-Faridabad said during the press conference that as responsible part of Indian healthcare system we are duty bound to bring best and latest international healthcare facilities in the region.

He also announced commencement of continuously working information exchange platform wherein the physicians from region and around will be able to interact with legendary cardiologist around the world.

He said that the Metro Heart Institute Faridabad has invited hundred's of physicians with cardiology practice to participate in key note presentation from Dr. Yasushi Asakuri, one of world top most cardiologist and pioneer in retrograde angioplasty from Japan.

Raising alert on rising burden of cardiovascular disease Dr.S.S.Bansal said that "CVDs are the largest cause of mortality, accounting for around half of the death resulting from non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Overall, CVDs accounted for around one fourth of all deaths in India in 2008. CVDs are expected to be the fastest growing chronic illness by 2015 growing at 9.2% annually from 2000 onwards."