Metro Hospital, Faridabad - Pen Lid recovered from Lungs without Surgery
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Pen Lid recovered from Lungs without Surgery

Pen Lid recovered from Lungs without Surgery


A patient who had been coughing up from last one and half year has finally found the root cause – a pen lid embedded in his lung. 

Patient visited Metro Hospital Faridabad with a history of cough & fever from 1.5 years back for which doctors diagnosed him pneumonia and he was on medications since then with minimal relief. Considering persistent symptoms along with pneumonia, doctors put him on multiple antibiotics with antitubular medicine without any benefit or relief. He was living with same complains and doctors struggled to get to the bottom of the problem. 

Patient consulted Dr. Pankaj Chhabra, Sr. Consultant, Pulmonology at Metro Hospital Faridabad with same symptoms and complains. On hearing his past history; CT scan of chest was done followed by bronchoscopy. During the bronchoscopy, a tumour like lesion was seen in the left lower part of the lung. Dr. Pankaj Chhabra decided to remove the tumor endoscopically. While doing the procedure a very small plastic pen lid was seen embedded in the lesion which was taken out after cleaning the surroundings. Patient got discharge after 1 day in a healthy condition. Dr. Pankaj Chhabra said that his pneumonia was because of obstruction caused by inadvertent inhalation of pen lid away some time in past which get stuck in his lungs without his knowledge.” He further said, “Conditions like this can be life threatening if not discovered on time.” 

Patient was shocked and surprised to see it, because despite visiting the doctor regularly, it took 1.5 years for him to visit a specialist who finally identified his problem. The department of pulmonology in Metro Hospital Faridabad is one of the best in Delhi/NCR. Dr. Pankaj is an experienced chest physician who is being handling most critical cases of respiratory condition. The bronchoscopy department of the hospital is having world class equipment and facilities. 

Dr. Pankaj Chhabra

Sr. Consultant Respiratory & Sleep Medicine