Metro Hospital, Faridabad - World\'s Largest Spleen removed at Metro Hospital, Faridabad
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World\'s Largest Spleen removed at Metro Hospital, Faridabad

World's Largest Spleen removed at Metro Hospital, Faridabad

Successful removal of world's largest spleen of 14.950 kgs. by a team of doctors at Metro Hospital, Faridabad. When 34 Years Male Mohamood Ali Huessein came from Iraq to get treatment he was found to be suffering from a very rare disorder-Gaucher's disease. This is a rare genetic lysosomal disorder caused by defect in gene which leads to deficiency of an important enzyme called glucocerebroside, due to which there is a accumulation of fatty substance (lipid) in cells of internal organs because of deficiency of certain enzymes. These depositions of fatty substance leads to disturbances in normal functioning of liver, spleen, bones etc. In this patient the huge enlargement of spleen led to early destruction of blood cells and platelets causing anemia and thrombocytopenia. He was at risk of severe bleeding because of low platelet count. His platelet count was 46,000 only which increased to 3,60,000 immediately after this surgery. Such was the remarkable & effect of surgery. It was a life saving Surgery for him.

It was a challenge to remove such a large spleen in debilitated patient under unfavorable circumstance. The operation was made successful by team of expert doctors Headed by Dr. B.D. Pathak including Dr. V.S. Chauhan, Dr. Manish. The operation lasted about 4 hours as it was a uphill task to remove a super enlarged spleen from a lean-thin patient as a single piece, without causing any further damage to the patient and with minimal blood loss. The patient recovered well after surgery and is now taking normal diet & doing routine activity.

Chairman of Metro Group of Hospitals Padma Vibhushan Dr. Purshotam Lal has congratulated the team of Dr. B.D. Pathak on performing the huge task successfully and it's a proud that such a wonderful team in Metro group of hospitals has accomplished this task. This work has brought the nation ahead in the field of surgical expertise.

Managing Director of Metro Hospital Dr. S.S Bansal revealed that normal spleen is upto 11 cm long & weighs 150 gm. The spleen in this patient had grown to 15 kg. which is 100 times of its normal size. It is nature's paradox to cause such a huge enlargement of spleen in this patient. It is great achievement by the team of doctors to remove this spleen in a single piece and without causing any damage to the patient and securing the life of the patient.