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Prostate Cancer Treatment in Delhi, NCR

Prostate Cancer is mainly found in men having difficulty in passing urine and mainly detected by Blood tests. This cancer is treated by a new techniques of surgery which cause less pain and the patient’s early recovery.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common urological cancer in elderly men (life time risk of 16.72%). Most of the patients will have no symptoms at all and are detected incidentally by a blood test, PSA, while very few patients complains of difficulty in passing urine or blood in urine. Rarely, it is detected on biopsy report of prostate surgery done for BPH. Management comprises of surgical removal of prostate, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy are in advance stages. Treatment must be individualized depending upon multiple factors. For organ confined or locally advanced cancer surgery do well while radiotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy is good when disease spread to other organs of the body. Traditionally, surgery was done by open method by a long lower abdominal incision. Nowadays, this surgery can be done by key holes method i.e. laparoscopically or robotically. Advantages of these minimally invasive ways are less pain, less wound related complication, early recovery and less hospital stay.