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Obst Gyn & Infertility


Gynecology and Obstetrics

The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Metro Hospital cares and supports women at each stage of life from puberty to menopause. We at Metro Hospital offer complete evaluation, assessment of our patients. We are focusing on preconception care, high risk pregnancy, general gynecology and infertility treatment. Our department is committed to constantly upgrading the services and provide quality care to our patients. We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team of doctors with a wide range of experience to provide excellent care.


Some patients spontaneously achieve pregnancy but others at some stage experience difficulty in achieving conception and these patients need some kind of assistance in getting pregnant. It is estimated that out 100 couple with female partner's age less than 35 years, approx 80-85% will achieve pregnancy within the first year of unprotected intercourse, 90% will conceive within 18 months and about 95% will conceive within two years. The remaining 5% rarely achieve pregnancy without some form of assistance.

Infertility may be defined as an inability to achieve pregnancy within 1 year of having unprotected intercourse. Women who are more than 35 years should consult an expert after 6 months of contraceptive free sexual intercourse when it has not resulted in pregnancy. This difference in the time limit is owing to the declining egg quality with increasing age. In some couples the fertility is impaired to some extent but not completely, these patients may conceive in 3rd year or subsequently without any assistance as there is a delay these patients are called sub fertile. While, sterility is an absolute state of inability to conceive.

The cause of infertility could be in either of the partners (Male factor-35%, Female factor-40%) or in 10-15% both partners may be infertile or sub fertile. sometimes each could be individually fertile but as a couple may need assistance to achieve pregnancy the causes could be immunological or genetic, this is called Combined infertility. While in about 10%, the fertility evaluation show no abnormality, these patients are likely to have problems which are not diagnosed by current available investigations, this is termed unexplained infertility.



1. Preconception counseling and care

We offer our patients pre-conceptional counseling and care to help prepare them for pregnancy and motherhood with confidence and knowledge so that they can enjoy the blessings of parenthood without fear.

2.Antenatal care

A regular antenatal care starting early in pregnancy prevents most medical problems and early detection helps to improve pregnancy outcome. Right from the time of conception we encourage and council the couple about leading a healthy life style in pregnancy.

We offer a full range of screening tests and antenatal checkups as per international guidelines and also conduct regular free antenatal sessions every 3 monthly.

The fetus can be screened for various possible abnormalities and its growth and well being can be monitored in the most appropriate manner. Facility of LDR (Labour-Delivery Recovery) and painless delivery are also available. 3. High risk pregnancy and labour care

3.High risk pregnancy and labour care

We have well trained obstetricians to look after patients with high risk pregnancies in conjunction with various medical specialties. Those with diabetes, high pressure, heart disease, blood disorders, previous pregnancy losses, preterm labour, growth restricted babies, post transplant pregnancies etc. are looked through out pregnancy and labour by this team. We believe in concept of natural child birth and promote, protect and support normal birth.

Our advanced neonatal care services, state of the art ICU facilities and excellent blood bank provides essential backups for the best possible care of even the most challenging cases.

4. Adolescent clinic

We understand that its hard enough to be a teenager. That’s why our interdisciplinary team of specially trained doctors, nutritionists and mental health professionals is dedicated to caring for your child as a patient and as a person.

5.Contraceptive Services

We at metro Hospital provide patients with all kinds of contraceptive counseling and services in form of birth control pills, injectable contraceptives, intrauterine devices (Copper T, Multiload) and permanent sterilization procedures and latest methods available as per recommendations.

6.Menopause Clinic

Our menopause Clinic offers care for women with concerns about menopause including women with early menopause or menopause caused by surgery or illness. The clinic is staffed by a specialist team of doctors who help patients manage their menopausal problems and provide proper guidance and support.

7.Conventional Gynecology

Our gynecologists provide specialized medical and surgical management of varied gynecological problems like menstrual abnormalities, infertility, prolapsed uterus, fibroids, other tumors of the uterus and ovaries. Gynecological endocrinological services including adolescent, menopausal and other reproductive age problems are also provided at our hospital.

8.Infertility Clinic

o Ovulation induction/ Controlled ovarian stimulation


o Hormone analysis

o Follicular monitoring o Fertility saving laparoscopic & hysteroscopy procedures

o Semen wash


o Infertility has become an issue due to changing life style and later marriages

o Correct counseling and guidance is a part of successful treatment for an infertile couple.

o We provide comprehensive IVF services which are cost effective as well


9.Master health check up

We offer numerous health packages at very reasonable costs that suit people of all age groups. The packages also include cancer screaming services for both males and females. We offer our patients specific need based consultations and guidance.


Painless Labour

Apart from the conventional analgesics and prophylaxis we offer pain relief in labour by epidural. Analgesic Painless labour is provided by our team of senior anesthetists available 24 hours a day. We have trained and experienced obstetricians monitoring the condition of mother and child round the clock under supervision of senior consultants.

Intensive fetal monitoring

o Level II Scan

o Double marker, triple test, quadruple test

o Color Doppler

o 3D 4D USG

State of art LDR

Our LDR (Labour-delivery-Recovery-Room) provides would-be mothers a home like atmosphere. Thanks to our LDR, the patients no longer need to move from one place to another for delivery and can experience an uninterrupted birthing process for the duration of labour, delivery and recovery period. To provide a home like atmosphere, our LDR is furnished with advanced multipurpose bed and other equipments for a safe and comfortable delivery.

Well – Equipped NICU

When your new born baby has a health concern that requires round the clock attention, be assured that our newborn intensive care unit (NICU) is the best possible place he could be. We have a team of dedicated doctors & Staff to take care of critically ill & premature newborns. The Specialized care of sick term and tiny preterm babies is provided at our hospital. The availability of transport facilities and advanced life support equipments is ensured.

Post Natal Services

These services aim at :-

o Improving breast milk supply through proper guidance and changes in diet

o Effective diet and physiotherapy practices to get back in shape

Modular OT

Our modular OT has all the latest equipments for all advanced surgeries. It is equipped to handle all kinds of complications. The high level of infection control is maintained in OT to ensure faster recovery of the patient.


Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopy surgeries

Well trained Hysteroscopy and laparoscopic gynecologists with years of experience in India and abroad individually tailor almost all gynecological operations to needs using modern modality of surgery. Some of the common laparoscopic surgeries performed are for :


o Ectopic pregnancies

o Ovarian cysts

o Hysterectomies (Total laparoscopic hysterectomy)

o Myomectomy for fibroid

o Laparoscopic treatment for infertility

o Endometriosis etc.

o Chronic pelvic pain


o Fibroid removal

o Removal of Polyps

o Menstrual problems

o Infertility

o Uterine septum

Abdominal Surgeries including life saving procedures like obs hysterectomy, surgery for rupture uterus, ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

Vaginal Surgeries like VH, NDVH, PFR


We offer complete evaluation, assessment, management (medical & surgical) of female urinary incontinence, urgency, urge incontinence, recurrent urinary infection, voiding problems, anal incontinence as well as pelvic floor dysfunction including Urogenital Prolapse, post hysterectomy vault Prolapse and sexual dysfunction. Women are offered a variety of treatment options including non-surgical such as pelvic floor exercises, medical management and surgical procedures as appropriate. The surgical options include minimally invasive techniques such as TVT, TVT-O and other meshes and the conventional surgeries for incontinence and Prolapse.We have a dedicated lab for urodynamics and uroflowmetry. Urinary problems of urgency, urge incontinence and stress urinary incontinence are assessed and managed medically and surgically as well.

Cancer Screening Services

Pap Smear liquid based cytology




Colposcopy & directed biopsy



Other Services

24x7 lab service

24x7 blood bank

Coming up. . . Well equipped and Dedicated Oncology Unit.

Services of Infertility

For more information about Infertilty Services Click Here


A precious life saved at Metro Hospital, Faridabad 

Pregnancy is a time when multiple emotions play into a womans life, from the joy of being a mother to the fear of going through the childbirth. Pregnancy, if uneventful, is a time of almost pleasure a memorable experience for a woman but any complication, if left unattended can ruin the celebrations.

Following case is an example, her how a complications if handled at right time in right hands can work wonder for the patient & the family.

Mrs. Xyz, 28 yrs female came to our OPD at 7-1/2 months pregnancy. This was her first pregnancy. On routine examination, we found that her blood pressure was very high in the range of 200/120 mm of hg. She was having swelling all over the body & her urine examination showed significant leakage of protein from the body. This was an ominous sign suggestive of negative effect of high blood pressure on the baby & mother. This condition is known as pre-eclampsia. The severity of the disease was so much so, that babys growth retardation set in & the fetus was grossly smaller then the corresponding gestational age. This was an emergency, which if not dealt immediately can lead to fetal demise.

The mother was admitted immediately& series of tests were conducted to evaluate the situation. Detailed Doppler studies showed significant reduction in the blood supply to baby in form of severe utero placental insufficiency.

Despite best of effects by team of physicians, the BP could not be controlled as is usual happening in this condition. After discussion with the family members decision for emergency caesarean was taken to save mother and child.


A 950 Gms beautiful female baby was delivered. As the baby was very low birth weight & there were sign of distress due to compromised blood flow, she required immediate resuscitation.

Baby was kept in well equipped, state of art Neonatal ICU of the Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty. Baby was put on ventilator as her lung maturity was not adequate. Inj. Surfactant was administered, which is a highly specialized and advanced form of treatment for lung immaturely in preterm babies known as Hyaline membrane disease.

An array of complication, which is associated with such small, babies happened, they were dealt by a team of predicetrician very efficiently.

Few such complications like Necrotizing enterocolites and neonatal jaundice etc. are serious condition, where you have to anticipate & do the corrective action simultaneously .Maintaining nutrition of these babies are again a big challenge, as their organs & gut are not fully developed. Baby was maintained on parenteral nutrition & later on mothers milk was gradually introduced.

Due to tireless effects & precise decision making of our pediatrician & dedicated staff, now the baby is 1700gms & has started accepting feed orally.

Very soon, the baby will be discharged from the Nursery.

We have a team of three dedicated Pediatricians who are available round the clock and are capable of dealing with all critical emergencies in children. The supportive staff is competent and extensively trained to deal with all casualties. In last 11/2 years department has saved many small children





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