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Modern imaging methods in Radio-diagnosis can open a window in the human body, as it were, and supplement the clinical expertise in diagnosing the presence and extent of cancer and other diseases. The department of Radio-diagnosis has a vital role to play in Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty, as it caters to the needs of several departments including the surgical, medical and radiation oncology departments.

The initial diagnosis of disease is the first and most important step in the diagnosis and management planning for a cancer patient. The department of Radiodiagnosis at Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty is geared to take up this task with a dedicated team of health care professionals including Trained Radiologist, Technicians and other paramedical & supporting staff.

Accurate staging of the disease is made possible by various imaging studies which enable the radiologist to determine the precise size and extend of a tumour, possible invasion of adjacent organs or blood vessels, whether it has spread to regional lymph nodes and whether metastases to distant sites has occurred. This information enables planning the therapy for the patient, keeping in mind the stage of the disease.



Services and Facilities

• 1.5 Tesla MRI

• 660-500 Slice CT Scan

• Dexa

• Mammogram

• 3D/4D Ultrasound

• Digital X-Ray

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the whole body is performed in our department on the advanced Magnetom Essenza 1.5 T MR scanner from Siemens, using a variety of pulse sequences including ultra-fast sequences. The majority of MR imaging studies is of the brain, head, neck, spine and musculo-skeletal system; followed by MR imaging of the abdomen and pelvis, and other specialized investigations like MR Cholangio-pancreatography. MR studies of the pelvic organs, especially the uterus and cervix, and imaging of the prostate are also carried out. MR Angiography of abdominal, neck and intracranial blood vessels is also performed whenever indicated.

MR Proton Spectroscopy is employed in selected cases for evaluation of brain tumours or other lesions, using both the single voxel and multi-voxel spectroscopy available on our system.

With its exquisite soft tissue contrast, MR is the imaging modality of choice to investigate a variety of lesions of the brain, spine, liver, and breast.

Computerized Tomography (CT scan)

State of the art GE optima 660-500 Slice equivalent 4D Dynamic is available which performs continuous Rotational Tornographic scans with latest software and enables quick reconstruction of all image & provides multiplanar reformatting 3D image reconstruction, virtual endoscopy, bronchoscopy & colonoscopy. This CT machine is one of the fastest & most accurate in the world.

All types of non-invasive CT- angiographic, Including coronary angiography are routinely being perfomed with excellent vascular details faculty of triple rule out for acute chest pain (scanning of heart, lung & aorta simultaneously) is also available.

The best quality of the machine is its high spred, which can scan whole body in accident victims in just 15 second; in addition there is less requirement of dye, with less radiation exposure without any compromise in image quality

Special Services Offered

• CT Angiography

• CT Perfusion

• CT Cholangiography

• Virtual Colonoscopy

• Virtual Bronchoscopy

• CT Enteroclysis

• CT Arterioportogram

• CT Guided Procedures:

   o CT guided Biopsies

   o CT Guided Drainage Procedures

   o CT Guided Tumor Ablation (RFA)

   o CT Guided Sclerotherapies

• Dentascan

• 3D Reconstruction image


The DEXA scanner in our hospital is meant for detailed analysis of bones. DEXA scan measures bone density and is an appropriate test for adults regardless of gender or age, to look for osteopenia and osteoporosis.

It uses special X-ray to measure quantity of calcium & other has minerals packed into a segment of bone. It also gives an idea of the risk of osteoporosis developing in men & women.

Digital Mammography

Mammography is performed on the new GE Senographe DS Full Field Digital Mammography unit, which provides unsurpassed image quality at minimized radiation dose & help to visualize different tissues within heart & makes abnormalities more readily visible.


You should always inform your doctor or radiographer if there is a possibility that you may be pregnant.

Ultrasound & Colour Doppler

We, at Metro heart institute with multispecialty Faridabad have 4 high - end USG machine with 3D/4D facilities in two of them.

1. The general departmental workload includes routine abdominal ultrasonography, ovulation monitoring, pediatric and neonatal sonography, mammo-sonography, transvaginal & transrectal sonography, sonography of small parts (such a thyroid, parotid, scrotum) and musculoskeletal sonography

2. Our latest ultrasound machine, Philips affinity 70 is also equipped with feature of elastography, which is highly helpful to differentiate benign & malignant condition of thyroid, breast & scrotum and for grading of liver fibrosis and very fatty liver. Very few hospitals have this facility in Faridabad.

3. Number of invasive procedures (aspiration of liver abscess, USG guided FNAC/Biosy, USG guided D&C), other surgical & gynecological procedure in operation theaters & portable bedside ultrasonography are also being performed.

4. The 3D application further helps to understand better the relation of the lesion with organs in the vicinity and the Biopsy attachment helps in precisely targeting the lesion. The arterial and venous Doppler examinations are carried out for the evaluation of patient’s associated peripheral vascular diseases and screening as well as diagnosis of the deep venous thrombosis.

5. The portable Ultrasound unit delivers the conveniences and versatility with its application in:

• The ICU for Emergency Scanning of ICU patients

• Bedside Drainage procedures like

   o Pleural & Peritoneal Tapping

   o Abscess Aspiration

   o Indwelling Pigtail Drainage

Computerized Radiography ( X-Rays )

In addition to routine radiography of the chest, abdomen and bones, a large number of specialized procedures such as Barium studies, IVU, Cystourethrogram, HSG Fistulogram Angiograms, sialogram, etc are carried out in the Radio diagnosis department.

All routine radiography is performed using the Computerized Radiography (CR) system, and the radiographs of chest, bones, etc, as well as contrast procedures are acquired in the digital format. The reporting of these investigations is done directly on the Workstation Monitors (soft copy reporting).


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