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Department of Nephrology

The department of nephrology, hemodialysis and kidney transplant provide a complete range of consultative, diagnostic and treatment services for patients with kidney diseases. The spectrum of care encompasses evaluation and management of patients suffering with all stages of kidney disease, from earliest detectable changes in kidney function through end-stage kidney disease, as well as people with high blood pressure, cystic diseases, kidney stones, metabolic disorders and other kidney-related problems including kidney transplantation.department having world class hemodialysis center which offer round the clock hemodialysis services at affordable cost.

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Department of Nephrology

Department of nephrology, hemodialysis and kidney transplant offer full spectrum of kidney disease related services

Chronic Kidney Diseases/ End-Stage Renal Diseases

Our specialist recognize the special care need for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease and End stage renal disease and provide best treatment available to stop rising of creatinine and chronic kidney disease progression Department doing around 1200 hemodialysis in a month, which include patients of all age groups including children.

Separate hemodialysis facility for HBV and HCV positive patients.

Hypertension & Hypertensive Kidney Diseases

Hypertension best managed by specialist who recognizes earliest target organ damage by elevated blood pressure. Since major brunt of hypertension would be borne by kidney and heart, our nephrologist and cardiologist intervene at earliest to save your organs.

Acute Kidney Injury & Critical Care Nephrology

In collaboration with department of critical care our team offer best treatment of rise of creatinine and worsening renal function associated with critical illness. It offers SLEDD and CRRT like renal replacement therapy for critically ill patients.

Interventional Nephrology & Vascular Access

Our nephrologist Dr. Gaurav Sahai has vast experience in intervention nephrology, having trained in one of best renal institutes in India, Dr Gaurav has approx 1500 vascular access placement, 60 CAPD catheter placement, and 350 renal biopsies in his credit.

Haemodialysis Services, CRRT, SLEDD

Department offers round the clock hemodialysis services. Currently there are about 1200 hemodialysis done in our center in a month. Department offer separate hemodialysis for HCV and HBV positive patients.


Department offer Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal hemodialysis (CAPD), catheter placement, CAPD training and follow up for suitable patients. It also deals with Automated PD system.

Paediatric Nephrology

Department caters full spectrum of pediatrics nephrology services like acute renal dysfunction in children, congenital renal diseases, hemodialysis and CAPD in children, and optimal growth management in children with kidney diseases. Renal transplant in children.

Department is fully equipped with special care need for renal transplant recipients. All types of post-transplant care like management of opportunistic infections, treatment of transplant rejection is managed in department. All pre & post-transplant investigations are done in house in the state-of-the-art NABL accredited Lab.


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