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The Orthopaedic department of Metro Hospital,Faridabad provides comprehensive & world class orthopaedic services & specialities in surgical treatment of various orthopaedic problems.

The facilities are at par with international standards and we routinely perform Minimally Invasive Surgery solutions for Total Knee Replacement Surgery, Partial Knee Replacement Surgery, Replacement of shoulder and Elbow joints, hip Resurfacing etc. Metro Hospital offers entire spectrum of orthopaedics management and it is one stop treatment for all orthopaedic problems such as Sports medicine, Trauma, Joint replacement, Arthoscopic surgery, Foot & ankle Reconstruction etc.

Thousands of surgeries including total hip replacement, total knee replacement surgery of National and International Patients have been done. The most advanced equipments, state of art infrastructure & a team of highly experienced surgeons are supported by critical care deptt. round the clock. In addition, efficient occupational therapists, physiotherapists & pain management experts work towards rehabilitation of the patient leading to a better quality of life.

Orthopaedics at Metro Hospital Faridabad

  • Already done more than 5000 surgeries including total hip replacement, total knee replacement of National and International Patients
  • Minimally Invasive Joint Surgery is routinely performed.
  • Arthroscopic Surgery and Sports Medicine are special features of the department.
  • we use best quality orthopedic implants & orthopedic instruments.

Department Highlights

The most advanced treatments such as knee & Shoulder Replacement, Surface Replacement of the hip, Elbow Replacement, Total Hip Replacement , are available, Our team consists if pioneers and foremost experts in the field of joint replacement.




The specialized surgeries performed at Metro Hospital are :


  • Partial Knee Replacement (Only centre to have this facility)
  • Invasive customized Total Knee Replacements ( highest number & only centre in the region where this facility is available)
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Revision Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery
  • Total Elbow Replacement Surgery
  • Key hole surgery for Knee, shoulder, Elbow & Ankle.
  • Advanced arthroscopy of all joints


  • Computer Assisted (Navigated) Joint Surgery (Only centre in the region to have this facility)
  • Advanced Plates and Screws Fixation
  • Closed locked intramedullary nails
  • Minimal Invasive Surgery in Fracture Fixation
  • Corrective Surgery of Malunion & Non Union Fracture
  • Acute Fracture Management

Fully equipped Operation Theatres

The Hospital boasts of top-of-the-line Operation Theatres at par with international standards. The OT s has Laminar flow systems fitted with HEPA filters to create an infection-free environment. In addition to these, the OT s are equipped with state of the art equipments..

The department of Orthopedist is backed by a Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre offering best quality post-operative care. Corrective surgical treatment for congenital disorders like residual polio is also available.


96 Year Old doctor underwent Bilateral Knee replacement at metro Hospital Faridabad: A New World Record.

Mrs Nidal ,56yrs /female , Iraqi National , professional boxer , had osteoarthritis in right elbow for which she had constant pain & limited joint motions .She consulted Dr Sujoy because her both Knee was replaced by him & doing well



Total knee replacement surgery has been a boon in alleviating pain and disability in patients suffering from Arthritis. Knee replacement implants so far have been designed according to the anthropologic measurements of the Western people and that's why these implants sometimes tend to mismatch when used in Indian patients. Knee size and body size differ in Asians compared to Western counterparts. As a result, an Asian's knee might not fit these prostheses.

According to, Joint Replacement Surgeons, Asians particularly Indians require a higher range of flexion for most of their daily habits and customs. Asians are much smaller and different in size than their western counterparts. They also have poor bone mass and poor bone quality, due to delayed referrals and osteoporosis. Hence in these patients excessive bone cutting is associated with more post procedural complications.

Thanks to advancement in technology that we now have implants that are designed keeping in mind the Asian bone size and shapes. Earlier, we only had implants designed keeping in mind the Asian bone sizes and shapes. Earlier, we only had implants designed as per Caucasian standards (European and American). Indian women tend to have smaller bones compared to their western counterparts and Indian lifestyle also requires more flexible knee movement. Today a plethora of Total knee Replacement Systems are available in the market giving the surgeons and patients a choice. Improper implant fit limits patient's movement, comfort and increase the chance of post-operative complications.

Such newer modifications in implant design and sizing allow Indian population to achieve as near normal knee bending possible to lead normal lifestyle and stair climbing. In many persons, these newer implants will also allow one to bend knee fully and be able to kneel, squat and sit cross-legged, though excessive use of such postures can impair the longevity of the prosthesis.

Dr. S.S. Bansal, MD & Sr. Interventional Cardiologist, Metro Hospital, Faridabad shared that knee replacement surgery techniques & prosthesis available now a days have made this surgery a safe procedure for patient & provide drastic improvement in their quality of life.

And if such knees are available, where maximum physiological range of movement at knee joint can be maintained after replacement, this is the best thing for our patients. He added that we are happy to have an Orthopaedic team who are very competent & dedicated.

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