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Weight Loss Surgery

Why you need a weight loss surgery?

Obesity is a common condition these days, BMI of more than 30 falls under obesity and needs immediate attention as many health conditions are associated with obesity like diabetes, heart problems, joint pain, depression etc. Weight loss surgery is one of the best options for severely obese people if they are not losing weight by exercising and diet control.

How weight loss surgery can help me?

Weight loss surgery offers long term results if combined with effective treatment plan which includes diet modifications and regular exercises. It improves your quality of life and helps you get rid of various health conditions such as heart disease, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, OSA, PCOD.

How weight loss surgery works?

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is a minimally invasive procedure which works by changing the biologistics of your stomach and intestine. After surgery the biophsiology of patient improves and patient feel satiety early and the absorption of food is modified, that’s exactly what weight loss surgery does and help people to lose weight & treat comorbities. Lifestyle modifications are very important to achieve optimum results.

You can consult our team of experts to help guide people through pre-surgery counseling and give ongoing support afterwards.